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World Class Machinery Packaging & Crating

Ensure your companies' machines are packaged, crated, and ready for export with machinery packaging and crating services from Jan Global Transportation Solutions of Dover, New Jersey. From generators to transformers, our large, secure facility has the equipment and crew needed to crate, package, and prepare machines for transport. We offer several stages of packaging based upon your needs. 

Packaging Methods  

We offer the following packaging methods:

               Standard Export- Our go to method when shielding the equipment from damage is all thats needed. If moisture control is necessary refer to below methods.

               VCI (Vapor Corrosive Inhibitor)- Ideal for shipments that are moisture sensitive in areas that have constant temperature fluctuations resulting in condensation.

               MVP (Moisture Vapor Proof)- Updated form of Method II Packing, The Cargo will be completely shielded from all forms of damage causing moisture as well as being protected by an ISPM-15 rated Box/Case.

               Heat Shrink Wrapping- This form of protection is ideal for sealing your cargo, either buy itself or after its packaged as a final layer of protection. We offer Heat Shrink Wrapping as a standalone service if that is all thats needed. (Boats, Helicoptors, Small to Large Machinery)

               Specialized Packaging- We offer specialized packing all based upon your exact needs! Here at Jan we understand that not all cargo is the same and we offer any form of protection that you may require. Tip and Tell's, Shock Watches and Shock Mounting ( Prevents breakage from sudden shifts in position or vibrations) are all available with all of our forms of packaging as an added layer of protection. We can also combine any of our existing methods to better protect your cargo! For any inquiries contact our sales department and you will be sent an up to date quote on your exact needs!

The Process

Before machinery packaging is underway, we transport your equipment from its original location to our warehouse. Once in house, the machinery packaging and crating begins, using only top-quality materials to keep your machine safe during transport. After it's crated with ISPM-15 rated protective materials, we deliver it to the port, where it's transported to its final destination.

Rigging Fleet

Moving machinery is easier said than done. With the specialized rigging crew and machines from our company, there's no need to worry about relocating your equipment to another location. Entrust your important machines to our knowledgeable rigging crew, who has the cranes and trucks needed to move large machines from one place to another without damage.

Our Rigging Equipment:
• Specialized Truck Trailers with up to a 100,000-Pound Hauling Capacity
• A Whiting™ Crane in a 721' crane way capable of lifting 150 tons.
• Forklifts & Multiple Axel Trailers for Heavy Lifting

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Contact us to protect your precious machines with our machinery packaging and crating services.