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Convenient Warehousing Services

Warehouse Boxes - Warehousing Services

When you're in need of a place to store your machines before shipping, don't worry. Jan Global Transportation Solutions of Dover, New Jersey, offers the warehousing services you seek before your equipment ships.

Storing Your Machinery

Storing equipment before exporting it can be a hassle. When you choose Jan Global Transportation Solutions for packing and crating your high value, sensitive machinery, you can count on us to store your equipment before shipping. In fact, our company offers affordable warehousing solutions for machinery manufacturers or companies shipping machines in the US or overseas.

Warehouse Boxes - Warehousing Services

Safety Is Essential

When it comes to housing your equipment, we know that safety is one of your main concerns. Our 250,000 square feet facility is safe, secure, and fireproof inspected, and meets all code requirements. Additional warehousing is available in our outdoor storage area.

What Our Warehouse Has to Offer:

• Three Box Fabrication Shops
• 25-, 50-, & 100-Ton Overhead
  Traveling Cranes
• Calibrated Scales with up to a
  100-Ton Capacity
• Full Stock Inventory



If you don't have forwarding contacts, don't worry. Our company can be your in-house forwarding solution for ocean and air freight, including handling licensing, customs declarations, all material inspections, and more.

Warehouse Boxes - Warehousing Services
Warehouse Boxes - Warehousing Services

Contact us to take advantage of our convenience warehousing services before your machines are ready for shipping.